Katie Byl

Associate Professor

5115 Harold Frank Hall
Robot Locomotion and Manipulation, Machine Learning, Human-Robot Collaboration, Autonomous Systems, Dynamics and Control

Shiv Chandrasekaran

Professor & Vice Chair of EE Undergraduate Studies

3109 Harold Frank Hall
Fast Algorithms for Partial Differential Equations, Signal and Image Processing

Jason Marden


5161 Harold Frank Hall
Game Theoretic Methods for Coordination of Large Scale Distributed Systems

Yasamin Mostofi


5121 Harold Frank Hall
RF Sensing and Learning, Communication-Aware Robotics, Next-generation Communication, Vision, Robotics

Ramtin Pedarsani

Associate Professor

3159 Harold Frank Hall
Machine Learning, Information Theory, Human-Cyber-Physical Systems, Stochastic Networks

Kenneth Rose

Distinguished Professor

3153 Harold Frank Hall
Information Theory, Source Coding and Networking, Distributed Coding, 360-degree Video Coding, 3D Audio Coding, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Nonconvex Optimization

Andrew Teel

Distinguished Professor

5119A Harold Frank Hall
Development of Feedback Control Algorithms for Nonlinear and Hybrid Dynamical Systems